Hello, and welcome to my portfolio! 

My name is, Davina “Viv” Kinney, and I am an artist & freelance illustrator. I began developing my personal art style back in 2003, and have been dedicated to the trade ever since. My art focuses on lively character designs, vibrant colours, and creating beautiful scenic backgrounds. It is my goal to let my art tell the story by giving attention to expressions and key details.


In 2013 I began working as a freelancing illustrator for children’s books. Since that time, I have illustrated over a dozen books, and have had the great pleasure to work with many authors from all over the world. By 2014 I started my online comic series, The End, which has over 1,100 regular readers.

I hope that you find this online portfolio helpful and enjoyable to browse through!

Why Hire a Freelancer?
Choosing the best artist for your book or project takes time and a lot of consideration. What is their schedule like? How quickly do they work? How responsive are they when it comes to emails and phone calls? Being a freelancer allows the artist to respond quickly to messages and shift their schedules to the needs of their work. Freelancers also create their own rates and prices which allows them the ability to work within the budget of their client. By cutting out a third party or a publishing house, you as the author can work closer to the artist and develop a very special business relationship with them, which ultimately leads to better communication and harmony in the illustrating process.

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