Over the years I have heard people tell me, “I wish I knew how to draw! All I can do are stick figures…” Truth is, that’s how I started too. Actually, my drawings were so bad, my fellow first graders would laugh at them.

Thankfully, I always had a support system wherever I went that kept me going. There were several times when I would be so discouraged or frustrated I wanted to give up all together. But my friends and family wouldn’t let me. If it had not been for them, I imagine I would not have progressed much from stick figure drawings either.


However, support was only one side of that coin; the other was my genuine love of drawing. In fact, becoming an artist was my first career choice. When I was six years old, I would tape my drawings on the bedroom window of my friends’ house and pretend to sell them to rich art collectors.

What I was lacking, however, was proper training. And it wasn’t until I turned thirteen did I receive my first art class. Even though that class was only a week long, it sparked something inside me. I started picking out ‘how to draw’ books and put a real effort into improving. Only a year later, I was the one my classmates would turn to when they needed help with a drawing. The satisfaction that came from seeing how happy they were with my work drove me to keep going. By the time I had graduated from high school I had taken all but one of the art courses the school provided and I sold my first drawing.

After I turned eighteen I decided to dive into an element of the art world I knew nothing about; digital art. In some ways, I felt like I was starting all over again. I had no teacher, no training, and no clue what I was doing.  In fact, my very first digital coloring is quite simply horrendous. But it was my admiration for digital art that kept me going. Shortly after I got married in 2010, my husband bought me a digital art tablet and that one gift changed my artistic world. I spent years working, practicing, and experimenting.I tried to push past my comfort zone and explore new areas of colouring and drawing techniques. Until finally, in mid 2015, I had developed the art style I have now. Even to today, I continue to work at and improve in my artistic skills.

Now, when I hear that same phrase from someone I just smile. There is no big secret
or perfect formula to drawing. If you have a strong desire to learn something, find a support team that will give you the needed push and just work at it. That’s what I did and it’s what I continue doing today. :)

~Davina Kinney

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